IMC Toys 180178 - Carrello di Minnie [Lingua inglese] - GH6E632Y3

Codice Prodotto: GH6E632Y3
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  • Esclusivo Stile Minnie

  • Converte a carrello della spesa supermercato modalità

  • Converte a rotelle cestino modalità

  • Facile da montare.

  • Include 10 cibo giocattolo accessori

  • Descrizione prodotto

    She?s back ! Minnie Mouse has been delighting Children for decades and now she is back and cooler than ever! IMC Toys is proud to have a range of fantastic Minnie mouse toys that can all be played with together for hours of fun. The Minnie Mouse shopping trolley is no ordinary supermarket trolley. Not only is it styled in Minnie?s current favourite colours of Pink and Violet it also boasts two modes in which it can be used. First there?s supermarket mode but once you have gone through the checkout this is no good for getting your grocery?s home, Oh no. Just as well it comes with the second mode ?wheeled shopping Basket? perfect for getting your purchases on the bus then home in pristine condition. Just a simple push and clip Movement transforms from Mode to Mode. If that?s not enough for you we have thrown in a selection of play fruit and vegetables such as Oranges, peppers, Apples and Banana there?s even a carrot thrown in for good measure. All in all we included 10 pieces of fruit and veg. The Minnie Mouse multi use shopping trolley is suitable for children 3 years and over and of course requires no batteries!

    Avviso di sicurezza

    Non adatto a bambini di età inferiore ai 3 anni, piccole parti potrebbero essere ingerite

    IMC Toys 180178 - Carrello di Minnie [Lingua inglese] - GH6E632Y3